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Desert Frames

Al Shakur - The Appreciative

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Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 90x90 cm by Art Noor
An abstract expressionistic work with One of the 99 divine names of Allah.

Al Shakur - The Appreciative  

This divine attribute and the name means:

The Appreciative of thankfulness. He who highly appreciates good deeds and is bountiful in rewarding them. He is grateful and gives rewards for deeds done for Him.

His Bounty; for He is Oft-Forgiving, MOST READY TO APPRECIATE (service).”
(35:29-30) The Holy Quran

Allah is most thankful for righteousness and bestows great rewards for good deeds.
He gratefully gives large rewards, even for a small amount of good work.
He acknowledges and bountifully rewards all acts of goodness, thankfulness, and praise.
He frequently and greatly approves, rewards, and forgives.

Al Shakur is the one who rewards trivial pious deeds with many
grades, and the one who gives unlimited happiness in the life to
come for activity during a limited period (in this life). Ghazali