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Al Ghani - The Rich

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Dhs. 66,500.00 AED

99 Names of Allah Series of Paintings by Art Noor, Acrylic On Canvas, 190cm x 140cm

First exhibited at  Art Noor's Solo Exhibition - "ASMA' at Dubai Mall.    

Al Ghani -The Rich,  is one of the 99 names of Allah - which is also His Divine attribute.

Unlike most things in the universe, where they are dependent or related to each other, the creator's attribute is to be independent of anything or anyone. He doesn't need anyone or anything. Without any needs or wants, unlike all life forms which need so many things in order to exist, He is living (Al Hayy), but without any such requirements.  He is Rich in the true sense of the word.

This painting is predominantly made of various metallic hues of blue, and black, with only a single circular form in orange and yellow. not resting or connected to anything else. Its the dot of the letter noon. This work is still evolving while questing for its depth and the beautiful divine attribute.