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Al Barr - The Righteous

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99 Names of Allah Series of Paintings by Art Noor, Acrylic On Canvas, 190cm x 140cm

First exhibited at Art Noor's Solo Exhibition -ASMA' at Dubai Mall. 

Al Barr -The Righteous, is one of the 99 names of Allah - which is also His Divine attribute.

This painting emanates from a spiral, to depict the source. He is the source of all Goodness. Which manifests in humans as integritydignityrectitudehonesty, and righteousness, besides every shade of merit which propels toward higher values and virtue.

The color purple used here in many shades and textures is an expression of nobility and power of goodness. Violet is the color at the end of the visible spectrum of light between blue and the invisible ultraviolet.

An anecdotal fact - In the 18th century, violet was a color worn by royalty, aristocrats and the wealthy, and by both men and women. The good quality violet fabric was expensive, and beyond the reach of ordinary people.