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Meet the Artist - Spiritual Explorations of Art Noor reflected through paintings.

by Art & Lusso  

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It’s not often when you come across an artist who has exhibited on the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa Dubai.

Aslam Noor, widely renowned as Art Noor has done that for two consecutive years in the recent past.

For past two years, Burj Khalifa has been showcasing his 99 Names of Allah series of paintings, in the multiple LED shows, that ran every day for the whole month of Ramadan.

 The shows received an overwhelming response from the audience and millions of views of the video on social media.

Tracing back the history, his ascent in the Art World has been a result of many years of evolution in the creative industry, which he has been involved with.

After starting out in Advertising, at the age of 17, as a writer and photographer, he rose to become the CEO of a reputed advertising group.

In 2001 he decided to make a radical move, and quit his highly successful corporate career in Advertising. He wanted to pursue his childhood passion of painting, and gathered the courage to begin the journey towards an uncertain destination.

After moving to UAE, he took a place adjacent to the only art district there, next to Sharjah Museum.

He toiled at learning the craft for three years, while living in a sparsely furnished flat overlooking the harbor, which he also used as his studio.  He would often spend his evenings meeting with friends and art fraternity in the area.



A great admirer of Rumi, he had an exhibition of paintings based on his verses of love, called “Ruminiscence”, where he showed a range of contemporary large scale works which not only provoke the thought process but also impart a new interpretation to the timeless words of the Sufi Mystic.

“Rumi has been my friend, philosopher and guide ever since I found a small book of his at an airport book shop, decades ago” He said “It was called Lion of the Heart and opened the doors for me like Shams Tabrez did for Rumi. ”
Quoting a painting of his from his paintings in that exhibition “I am You”, Noor emphasizes the need for humanity to learn to live with tolerance. “We need to learn this very important lesson. Or the world can become a unbearable place”, he says.

“I am not obsessed with the attractions of the physical world, and can spend weeks isolated in my studio. Looking within is a better pursuit towards consciousness and experiencing this world. My art is usually a result of these meditative contemplations, which last for weeks.”

Noor’s inward journey is reflected his spontaneous artworks, which have an otherworldly feel and employ the unexpected metaphors and movement. It moves the viewer in a unique way. As though one is visiting other dimensions of being or coming across the language of the mystical beauty.

No wonder his name has become synonymous with the spiritual element, that is prominent and characterizes his work.



Art Noor's SpiritFest99 at DFC

This year, Aslam Noor, widely known as Art Noor has set a gigantic 10m x 2m canvas at Dubai Festival City Mall, and undertaken to Live Paint not only one but 4 of those during the month of Ramadan.

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Art Noor's SpiritFest99 at Dubai Festival City

This year, Aslam Noor,  who widely known as Art Noor has set a gigantic 10m x 2m canvas at Dubai Festival City Mall, and undertaken to Live Paint not only one but 4 of those during the month of Ramadan.

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Devout Display

The Ramadan inspired LED show that Noor designed and produced for Burj Khalifa depicting the divine names, which was chosen to be played on the façade of the world’s tallest tower many times in the evening, during the whole month of Ramadan.

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Celebration of "The Eternal Life"

The rhythm of life is expressed through colour harmonies and contrasts. "It is a ceaseless flow. Old leaves die, new ones take their place. Emotions, passions, and vulnerabilities coexist on the canvas and across many canvases."

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"Retrospective" at Studio 7 Gallery

At “ArtNoor Retrospective” visitors featured a wide genre of artworks that Noor has created, shedding light on the Artists Journey and for the first time a show has been so integrally planned to engage visitors.

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Spiritual Explorations..

For two consecutive years 2018 & 2019, Burj Khalifa showcased Art Noor's 99 Names of Allah series of paintings, via the multiple LED shows, that ran every day for the whole month of Ramadan. Noor reveals his insights in the interview with Art & Lusso.

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The Inner Core

Being held at St Regis Dubai until July 2, the exhibits consist mainly of large scale works both in size and depth.Emphasising the need for learning to love one another.

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Artistic Anedotes @ the Palm Dubai

Light & Love in an exhibiton of paintings by Art Noor at Sofitel. the Palm Dubai - In colleaboration of French owned Monda Gallery.
Noor Speaks to Panorama about his works and current exhibits.

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Fragrance of Faith

Art Noor broke away from his highly successful corporate career in advertising in 2002 to dedicate his time to art, and more particularly, to all topics related to the Creator, and Love.

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Inspired by Divinity

"One of the great lessons painting can teach you is not to be afraid of making mistakes. Every mistake is a doorway which leads to some
discovery. Every flawed attempt gets one closer to the desired outcome " Art Noor shares his process of creating.

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Alive & Sublime 99

Alive and Sublime 99 shows by Art Noor – The latest Exhibition of paintings, Inspired by the glorious names of Allah at Dubai Mall and Marina Mall, have been on display through Ramadan,

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Painting the Soul

Ruminiscence is a solo exhibition of thirty lyrical paintings by Art Noor, reflecting his admiration for the celebrated poet Rumi.

The paintings demonstrate the diversity of his artistic endeavours and the universality of his appeal.

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The Anatomy of Fragrance

"He experiments with various styles and techniques and uses, for example, both wash and hard brushstrokes. But the spiritual dimensions of his work are selfevident, whatever the medium or technique."

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Solidarity, to help rebuild Kerala

".. Art Noor, famous for his abstract paintings based on Arabic calligraphy of Allah's
beautiful names, has offered one of those paintings or the cause."

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Sailing in the Same Boat at #RAKFAF

Aslam (Art) Noor’s ‘Sailing in the Same Boat’ that started out as a live painting project in Abu Dhabi on a four-part canvas measuring 4mx1.5m. Reinterpreting the natural shape of the UAE map as a large dhow, sailing with many nationalities on board.

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Wings of Light

Perhaps this is what Noor’s mission is. To touch the hearts with interpretations of the divine attributes through his memorable strokes of emotion and faith and put them in touch with the sacred within.

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