+NoorNFT Marketplace based on Cardano Blockchain

The first NFT Marketplace on Cardano Blockchain based in the Middle East

Launching on 16th Feb 2022 at Blockchain Dubai, at Grand Hyatt Dubai, 6.30 PM Onwards

NoorNFT will feature prominent artists to begin with and later evolve into a Global NFT marketplace which will be a central hub for high value art investments.

NoorNFT will utilise leading-edge Cardano blockchain technology allowing artists to mint and sell their art

NoorNFT + Art Show

An Opportunity to Win NFTs and Phygitals at the Event

Any object becomes a Phygital asset when the physical item is digitised into its NFT form. The digitised version can then exist in the virtual world with the record of ownership for that item in the real world.

Engage with the process of creation and minting of NFTs

In live demonstration of the art and technology by the artists and technologists, with engaging sessions and discussions.

Learn about investing in NFTs and its prospects

From the industry leaders and visionaries to expand your horizons. To maximise your gains in the emerging crypto future