• Sarwat Abdul Razzak Director , ARY Group

    We commissioned a series of Art
    Noor’s 99 Names of Allah series of Painting
    s for our chairman, late Haji Abdul Razzak’s office. They continue to grace the environment of our corporate interiors even after a decade, they evoke a lot of interest and appreciation both from international and local visitors.

  • Asil Attar , CEO - Majid Al Futtaim Fashion Dubai

    Art Noor has an amazing
    understanding of how to translate the message of Islam
    and is a valuable contributor to the artistic community in the region and beyond.

  • Shereen Shabnam Blogger, Editor, PR Manager

    Tonight I’m heading to the opening of an art exhibition at Sofitel Dubai at The Palm , celebrating “Light and love in the 99 names of Allah” through a series of abstract
    expressionistic works by well-known and long-standing artist & author Art Noor.

  • Azam Khan Director, Environ Interiors

    His grasp of the subject and his execution made acomplicated job look easy. I unreservedly recommend him to anyone requiring creative solutions and commend him on his professional, committed and honest approach.

  • Patrick Bell GM, World Trade Center

    I think your art looks stunning
    and I am really keen that we look at ways at showcasing your work as part of our Souk Activation programme, which is running alongside the main Mall launch.

  • Sana Qayyum Owner, Clothing Art

    I was lucky to have picked up a
    thousand art books (99 Names of Allah) from Art Noor.
    We have used those as a memorable corporate gift, to spread the love and light. That’s what Noor and his art means much more to the connoisseur.

  • Muhammad Yusuf, Art Writer & Critic, Gulf Today

    "Noor has the ability to condense immense subjects like ‘Nothingness’, ‘Love’, ‘The Prism of the World’ (Ruminiscence) into a few metres, feet or inches. Of course, he is still a Seeker. Even after many rigorous years of work and meditation, he is still on his Journey. This humility is a shining aspect of his work, as it is of his person"

  • Manjula Ramakrishnan, Editor & Journalist

    "A combination of artistic
    interpretation coupled with a spiritual concept
    , his show is being received with overwhelming response by both live and online audience. Testimony to this is the fact that the video of the show has crossed two million views and still counting."

  • Etienne Peereboom, Curator & Founder, Monda Gallery

    "Noor’s work has been
    exhibited in high profile locations, and
    recognition has been strong from professionals and public alike. His passion for abstract work combined with thedesire to address a specific topic as a point of focus for his work made the names of Allah a perfect project for him to embrace, not to mention the obvious spiritual dimension of the project. "

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  • Vanessa de Caires Owner, Sulty Events

    Inspired by Art Noor’s original
    99 Names of Allah series, we are delighted to bring the new set of paintings by the Art Noor to The St. Regis Dubai, which is an ideal venue for culture and heritage projects in Dubai. Each painting has a meaning and we hope to further enrich visitor’s knowledge of the beauty behind each of the names portrayed in the art pieces.

  • Bregie Horsten, Contemorary Painter in Amsterdam

    The art of Art Noor is a mirror
    to the mind
    . It gets your attention and tells you something with its
    fascinating color composition about a world beyond the physical. You can feel the movement in devotion that’s captured in the work. The energy in strokes and texture makes it unique. Art Noor plays with the contrast of light & dark, soft & sharp, contemplation and expression.

  • Alessandro Fantini Film Maker, Writer & Painter

    The profound commitment and
    dedication of Art Noor to the spiritual and transcendent spheres of creativity that’s so apparent in his paintings,
    work as a prodigious counterbalance to his “down-to-earth” professional approach in 3D videos and ultra-refined giclee
    prints production.”

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