Al Wakil – The Trustee

He who manages the affairs of those who duly com- mit them to His charge, and who looks after them better than they could themselves.
“And put thy trust in Allah, and ENOUGH IS ALLAH AS A DISPOSER OF AFFAIRS.
(33:3) The Holy Quran
“..And whosoever keepeth his duty to Allah, Allah will appoint a way out for him. And will provide for him from (a quarter) whence he hath no expectation. And WHOSOEVER PUTTETH HIS TRUST IN ALLAH, HE
WILL SUFFICE HIM. Lo! Allah bringeth His command to pass. Allah hath set a measure for all things.
(65:2,3) The Holy Quran
Allah is the only One who can be entrusted with the management and resolution of all affairs. He is the supreme trustee, guardian and administrator of all things.
He may be trusted to do better for us that we can do for ourselves. He can be entrusted to provide the perfect resolution for all matters.

Al Wakil is the one to whom the matters have been entrusted”.Ghazali

Quran tells us: "And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.". The Holy Quran (4:81)