Al Rashid – The Uneerring


He who moves all things in accordance with His eternal plan, bringing them without error and with order and wisdom to their ultimate destiny.

“They wouldst have seen the sun, when it rose, declining to the right from their Cave, and when it set, turning away from them to the left, while they lay in the open space in the midst of the Cave. Such are among the Signs of Allah: HE WHOM ALLAH GUIDES IS RIGHTLY GUIDED; BUT HE WHOM  ALLAH LEAVES TO STRAY; FOR HIM WILT THOU FIND NO PROTECTOR TO LEAD HIM TO THE RIGHT WAY.”

Allah unerringly decrees, appoints or ordains the right way. He is the supreme director to the right path and right belief.
He perfectly and righteously directs all matters toward their proper conclusion. He needs no aid to direct all affairs rightly.

Al Rashid the One Who guides His creatures and leads them to what is best for them.

Quran tells us: "And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near: I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me; therefore, they should answer My call and believe in Me so that they will be rightly guided.". |The Holy Quran (2:186)