Al Rafi – The Exalter

He who uplifts, raises up.

“He it is Who hath placed you as viceroys of the earth and hath EXALTED SOME OF YOU IN RANK ABOVE OTHERS, that He may try you by (the test of) that which He hath given you. Lo! Thy Lord is swift in prosecution, and Lo! He verily is Forgiving, Merciful.”
(6:165) The Holy Quran

Allah uplifts and elevates mankind above petty desires and selfishness.
He makes it possible to rise above the differences and distinctions that divide mankind.

Al-Rafi` is Allah who exalts the status of His friends, granting them victory over their foes and His, and that of the righteous, to the highest degrees. He exalts the truth.

Quran tells us:"Allah will exalt those of you who believe and those who are granted knowledge, to high degrees".|The Holy Quran (58:11)

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