Al Muqit – The Sustainer

He who gives every creature it’s sustenance.

“How many are the creatures that carry not their own sustenance? IT IS ALLAH WHO FEEDS (BOTH) THEM AND YOU, for He hears and knows (all things).”
(29:60) The Holy Quran

“Or, who originates Creation, then repeats it, and WHO GIVES YOU SUSTENANCE from heaven and earth? (Can there be another) god besides Allah? Say, “Bring forth your argument, if ye are telling the truth!”
(27:64) The Holy Quran

Allah has the ability to nourish all of creation. He maintains all that exists.
He oversees all things. He guards and preserves.
He is the sustainer of all, the seen and the unseen, the outer and the inner.

Al Muqit – He Who is Cognizant and Capable of Providing
His Creation With Everything It Needs” Ghazali

Quran tells us: "Whoever joins himself (to another) in a good cause shall have a share thereof, and whoever joins himself (to another) in an evil cause shall be responsible for it, and Allah controls all things".|The Holy Quran (4:85)

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