Al Muhaimin – The Protector

He who watches over and protects all things.

“He is Allah, than whom there is no other God, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One, Peace, The Keeper Of Faith, THE GUARDIAN, the Majestic, the Compeller, the Superb. Glorified be Allah from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him).”
(59:23) The Holy Quran

Allah ensures well-being. The One who extends wings of Love to cover and protect creation.
Allah  is ever watchful. He protects and guards.
He who offers peace and security. He proclaims the Truth.

Quran tells us: He is Allah, other than whom there is no deity, the Sovereign, the Pure, the Perfection, the Bestower of Faith, the Overseer (al-Muhaymin), the Exalted in Might, the Compeller, the Superior. Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him. The Holy Quran (59:23)