M a r h a b a .. the equation of love !!

Marhaba  is the greeting of warm welcome in Arabic,is believed to have come from Syriac origin. 

{Mar (Master or God) + Haba (Love) }

= God is Love

For a brief introduction, Noor is the fine artist. who is  dedicated is to God, Love and Art, based in UAE since 2002, and has his studio in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF ZONE).  He practices his art using mixed media, oil, acrylic and digital tech to create Paintings, Sculptures, Giclee, Ceramics and Installations.

His work is non figurative, abstract impressionistic, exploring the mystical and the sacred, to find the path and balance of elements that connect with the sublime.



Art Noor Paints Live at World Trade Center Souk 

 "Shukran Khalifa" is the painting inspired by Sheikh Muhammad's initiative to thank Sheikh Khalifa for his visionary leadership of U.A.E. It commenced in the first month of January, and has been evolving ever since. The technique is a detour from Noor's painting style with emotive strokes and textures. But the composition is unique in the sense that he has depicted UAE as a boat in the sea. while the coastline has the line up of identifiable icons of the country.                       

This painting is scheduled to be completed on the 5th March 2014, at a get together on the same day. It will be followed by an extension in the global context. 

This event will be followed by another one, later in the month of march, details of which will be announced shortly.